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Hello, I'm a eDiscovery Manager, Legal Technology Specialist & Administrator and live in Düsseldorf/Germany.


Innovative web-applications, communities and the mobile Web 2.0 offer unlimited potential for growth and development. With comprehension of the dynamics and mechanisms of the web, the internet is the optimal business platform of the future and becomes continuously more important.


Search engines are portals to the internet. Determined on page and off page optimization improve the perception of an online presence enorm. Understanding and using the algorithms offers essential competitive advantage.

Online Marketing

Those, who want to be successful on the internet, must have a strong presence. Online marketing uses the latest methods and technologies. This sparked my interest. There are virtually no boundaries for rich media online advertisements.


Court proof evidence collection is the supreme discipline while dealing with extremly volatile electronic stored information (ESI). With precise mode of operation, investigative skills and detailed knowledge of technologies I support the clearance of facts.


The pre-trial data exchange of the involved parties and reducing the volume to the essential using the EDRM) enables early case settlement and reduces costs. As Legal Technology Specialist I love to ease up the law firm's and inhouse counsel's daily work.

Legal Technology

Indexing, structuring and focused analysing of the enormous data volumes of international litigations requires latest software and extremly performant hardware. Working with High End Technology cheers every Administrators heart.


My affinity for technology and my distinctive analytic rationalness has been the crucial factor for my career choice. 20 years of professional experience approve it was the right choice for me. I'm looking forward to future IT developments and innovations.


Whether remote or on site: helping people and always to face up new challenges diversify my job and make work interesting. Especially the international teamwork charms. My practical experience and customer focus are therefore the optimal basis.

Web Design

My creative talents moved more and more into digital expressions. Creativity together with my active participation on the internet development means to me an important contribution to the digital evolution.